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Serious About Fighting Your Battle Of The Bulge?

FACT: 3 out of 10 Filipino adults are now obese!
FACT: Females are more overweight than males!
FACT: Nutrition a problem for BOTH the rich and poor!
FACT: Obesity among schoolchildren up 250% since 1998!

National Nutrition Council (NNC) - July 1, 2015

Haven't you noticed? We Filipinos are fast becoming Asia's most obese nation? In recent decades shopping malls and fast food outlets are creating an epidemic of bowel cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure enslaving us to poor health and premature death! Yes, it's that serious.

Will you continue to be the victim of big food chains that profit from your ignorance? Will you allow your children to start life obese, knowing full well what statistically awaits them later on? Will you be a role model to your loved ones who depend on you?

Helping You To Help Yourself!

As Filipino Fat Fighters we come from all sorts of backgrounds. We are doctors, office workers, nurses, construction workers and all types of professions. And... we are Filipinos choosing to support each other to live a healthy and active lifestyle! You have visited this website for a reason. You are reading this for a reason. But... is your reason BIG enough to get up and do something about it?

Come and join us! All you need do is get registered with us! Look over this website for the variety of activities we run. If the people that surround you part of the problem in transforming your health and well being, then it's imperative that you have a support network to keep you focused and accountable not to fall back into your old habits.

  • FREE Fitness And Yoga!

You want to transform your mind and body? When you register above you are free to attend any of our aerobics, zumba or yoga classes. This is a fun time to get fit and have like-minded friends around you.  Note: Classes are popular. Register now to participate!

  • FREE Health And Diet Education!

Exercise alone is not enough! Real change requires a balanced nutritional diet. For us Filipinos healthy eating is both cheap and readily available. You will be repelled at the thought of a junk food diet after attending our "Healthy Mind Healthy Body" classes!

  • FREE Nutritious Smoothie With First Visit!

On your first visit we will treat you to a delicious and nutritious FREE smoothie as our thank you for taking affirmative action! It's your time to get to know us better. What better way to make friends! HINT: You may even wish to tell your friends afterwards!